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Graham H. Wallace Automotive Appraisal Services is recognized by brokers, agents, and national insurance firms as a capable, reliable and knowledgeable source on appraising cars.

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What Is an SGI Arbitrator?

SGI Arbitrators in Regina and throughout Saskatchewan are first and foremost knowledgeable about the value of cars and are respected as car appraisers by industry experts. A VIN, algorithm, spreadsheet, and Kelley Blue Book are all great tools, but they don't always tell the complete story. They can give a ballpark figure on the financial value of a car, but an SGI Arbitrator has a much greater appreciation for cars. We also have in-depth knowledge of vehicles, especially classic cars and trucks.

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Why and When You Might Need an SGI Arbitrator in Regina

Car owners typically contact an SGI Arbitrator in Regina when they have received a settlement from SGI that they disagree with it. Usually, these involve decisions based on the value of a car when they have been "written off" after an accident. Arbitration is used to resolve a difference of opinions on the damage estimate, or the cash value of a vehicle.

An SGI Arbitrator’s Role in Your Arbitration Process

As SGI Arbitrators in Regina, we can guide you through the process, let you know what to expect, and offer advice such as keeping all your receipts. Our advice as car appraisers is always as fair and accurate as possible, and with almost 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, we feel that our automotive knowledge is top-notch.

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A car appraiser in Regina with nearly 40 years of auto experience, Graham H. Wallace Automotive Appraisal Services can serve as your SGI Arbitrator in Regina.

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